OSM Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Object-oriented System Modeling (OSM) group is an advanced research group in the Computer Science Departments at Brigham Young University and Utah State University. The group's mission is to develop a theoretical foundation, professional engineering methods, and tools for engineering object-oriented software systems, and thus help move software engineering towards a true engineering discipline.

The group's research is partitioned along three dimensions. The first dimension corresponds to five basic software development activities, namely: analysis, specification, design, implementation, and evolution. It also includes reverse engineering.

The second dimension consists of theoretical research, method design, and tool development. The theoretical research will result in a rigorous foundation for professional engineering methods. Professional engineering methods will differ from most traditional methods in that they will be able to make certain guarantees about the results of using them. The tools will provide a proof of concept, as well as vehicle for experimentation. The tools are not intended to be commercial products.

The third dimension consists of studying related work in three key areas: software engineering, database systems, and artificial intelligence.

Various projects within the group correspond to one or more elements of the partition.

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